Youth Group

Open Door Youth Group

The purpose of the youth ministry here is three-fold:

1. Lead the teenagers to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior
2. Give the youth a basic foundational knowledge of God’s word to guide their life
3. Teach these young people how to minister and witness to others

This is coupled with fun games both physical and mental that at times are a little messy and too “gross” to detail. But, we have a lot of fun, the teens know they are loved unconditionally, and they are hearing the truth from God’s word. Our normal Wednesday night activities during the school year (beginning at 6:30) kick off with icebreakers and games, Worship, a Lesson from the scriptures or from a video series, small groups occasionally, and we top off the night with snack time always furnished by Bobbi Hurlock.

Our average attendance has grown to 25-35, and I have the best co-workers in the ministry in Gayle Jernigan, Paul Hartzell, Lisa Dudley, Bobbi Hurlock,. The 5 of us have been working together here at Open Door for nine years in the youth ministry. Even though at times I feel antiquated and out of touch in leading the youth and their leaders, it makes me feel younger when I get around all of that energy.

The following list gives a small sampling of what we normally do in one year:

• We sponsor the Valentines banquet, taking care of all food preparations and serving to those who come. The proceeds go to either a need within the youth ministry, to purchase equipment, or to offset expenses for the youth for trips and activities. (February)
• The youth are responsible for filling the eggs for the Easter Egg hunt, and hiding them on Palm Sunday as another way of ministering to the body. (March and April)
• In the past we attended the Acquire the Fire gathering in Baltimore.
• The next big event is handling the skit responsibilities for VBS. (June)
• Then we are off to Kingsfest at King’s Dominion for a day of riding rides and worshiping with Christian artists in concert later that night. (July)
• The summer is filled with special activity nights every Wednesday from June through August.
• Late in October the youth make a trip to Scaremare down in Lynchburg as an evangelistic event.
• The youth department helps as volunteers to work in booths for the Fall Festival, and stuff the bags to be handed out to the participating children who come. (October)
• In December the youth go out caroling on several nights to church members and shut ins.
• For the last couple of years we have gone to Liberty University to participate in their “Winterfest” event on December 30-31.

Pastor Bernie Jernigan