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Some of you may have read recent info from trail life about the discontinuation of the troop track system. There is a new system being developed and is scheduled to go live on February 1st. There will undoubtedly be bugs and other kinks to work out. For...Read More »

What we do

  • Exciting Outdoor Adventure
  • Trips and Travel
  • Camping
  • Physical and Mental Challenge
  • Awards
  • Teaching boys to become men:
    • God fearing men
    • Upstanding citizens and leaders in their homes and communities
    • Men who enjoy being outside

Are you looking for an alternative to sitting inside, watching TV, and becoming isolated from the world God created for you to enjoy? Why not join us on a lifetime of adventure and exploration of God’s creation.

About Us

Our younger guys learn new life skills through community outings and camping. Middle school aged Trailmen grow in their knowledge of outdoor and mountaineering skills and go on regular excursions together to build character and teamwork. Older high school aged Trailmen will encounter ambitious and challenging outdoor adventures, travel options, and our exclusive Freedom Experience. Trail Life USA also replaced the common summer camp with our new uncommon Summer Adventure program, a high-octane experience combining fun with all the new skills you learn! So if high adventure with friends, camping and camaraderie float your boat, then join us today!

What makes Trail Life USA unique among youth programs?

Living the Trail Life is a journey for boys and young men established on timeless values derived from the Bible. Set in the context of outdoor adventure each young Trailman will be challenged to build character and a lifetime of practical leadership skills. All boys are welcome irrespective of religion, race, national origin or socio-economic status. However, all adult leaders must sign a Christian statement of faith. All program elements are taught from a Christian worldview, with God’s truth woven into the very fabric of the program.